Craft Brew Pumps

Craft Brew Pumps by Ampco Pump Company offers a low cost 316L stainless steel pump with all standard ss adapters.

The newest addition for the Ampco AC series of pumps is the new CB+ Pump for brewing application. Specifically engineered for the craft brewing industry and beer gurus who are passionate about creating signature beer brews without dealing with leaky pumps.

Ampco's New CB+ Features & Benefits

This craft beer pump has a sanitary internal seal designed to keep the seal faces cool and reduces material buildup during brewing. IN order to minimize the issue of dry running external mechanical seals, the CB+ design has taken a few things into consideration.

  1. To promote cooling, the internal seal is submersed.
  2. Internal pressure within the CB+ craft beer pump will create a higher closing force on the seal faces to reduce product buildup.
  3. To prevent wort solids from pooling, the internal spring will help agitate these materials.

CB+ Pumps Are Dimensionally Interchangeable w/ C Series

No Need to change existing piping or buy a pump that cost more than twice as much. Ampco Pumps offers 2 conversion kits for the CB+ Series.

  • Convert an Ampco AC+ Pump to a CB+ by replacing the seal and backplate with a CB+1 conversion kit.
  • Convert your Ampco AC & competing C series pumps with a CB+2 conversion kit which contains the backplate, seal, stub shaft, collar, o-ring & impeller nut.

AMPCO Craft Beer Pump Brochure

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