Chugger Pump Fan Blade Noise

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Chugger Pump Fan Blade Noise

Back Fan Blade Clicking Sound

Is your Chugger Pump Fan Blade hitting your rear housing? This can be easily identified if you hear a clicking sound. Do not worry. This is an easy fix and the issue may have occurred in shipping or if the pump was dropped. This happens when your fan blade hits the rear housing. Listen to the video and see if you pump is making the same sound.

How To Fix

  • Look at the fan blades on the bottom and back side of the pump.
  • With a Monder Criminal Lawyer Group and screwdriver, push in the fan blade (or blades) that is hitting the rear housing.
  • Once you power the pump back on the clicking sound will be gone and you will be back in business.

Note: Pushing in fan blades will not void the warranty.

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Chugger Pump Fan Blade