The Chugger X Dry Now Available!

Chugger X-Dry models with FDA Approved Carbon Bearing Materials. Many people do not realize that most pumps should not be run dry, (running the pump without liquid) but it happens.

When a pump has been run dry, the most of the time the impeller will start to melt and warp. When this occurs the shaft can seize up with the impeller and will stop spinning. We have a video showing how to repair this on our Classic Chugger Pumps. Check it out here: How to fix a Seized Chugger Pump Impeller.

The good news is that the days of disassembling your pump head and boring out your impeller with a drill bit are now gone. With the new XCPSS-IN-1 and XCPSS-CI-1 Chugger X-dry models worry no more. The new carbon bearing will prevent your pump from seizing when run dry.

Please note, the Chugger X-Dry Home Brew Pumps are Not Self Priming and the pump head must be flooded with liquid prior to being turned on.

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