Chugger Classic Model Comparisons

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Chugger Classic Model Comparisons

What is the difference between Chugger Pump Classic Models?

Chugger Classic Model Comparisons are important to help inform homebrewers what is the best Chugger Pump for their setup. What is the difference between a Center Inlet model and an Inline model? This is a common question we get asked and this video dives into the differences.

Chugger Pump Classic Models

  • CPSS-IN-1 – Inline, Stainless Steel 115 Volt
  • CPSS-IN-2 – Inline, Stainless Steel 230Volt
  • CPSS-CI-1 – Center, Stainless Steel 115 Volt
  • CPSS-CI-2 – Center, Stainless Steel 115 Volt
  • CPPS-IN-1 – Inline, Polysulfone 115 Volt

Performance Specifications are the same and it’s more of a preference of how you plum. Any orientation will do except upside down, check out Impellers are interchangeable between these Chugger Classic Models as well as the drive magnets.

Note: Available in 115 Volt and 230 Volt Models. 115v models come with a plug and the 230v models do NOT come with a plug due to the many styles of 230 volt plug sizes.

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Chugger Classic Model Comparisons