What is a Topsflo beer pump made of?

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What is a Topsflo beer pump made of?

Topsflo Impeller vs. Chugger Pump Impeller

Its probably not the best idea to use a home brewing beer pump when you have no idea what it’s made of.

Chugger Pump Impeller – FDA Ryton Approved Material

One of the major difference out there when comparing home brew beer pumps you’ll find that a Chugger Pump has an ETL sticker. This ETL sticker is very similar to the UL rating which is an international recognized company. What this means is that our pumps are inspected completely for materials and functionality. Another noteworthy difference between a Chugger Pump and a Topsflow pump is that our magnet is completely and fully encapsulated in 316 stainless steel.

Topsflo Impeller – Carbon Graphite Type Material?

We noted that the Topsflo beer pump spins at a very very high rate and as a result, produces good flow. This is due to the bushing being made of some type of carbon material. The big problem with that is those types of materials are not recommended by the FDA as a safe material for anything to do with food. Another issue we found is the magnet used is completely exposed and causes a whole new set of issues with materials getting into your brew.

The choice is your… choose wisely my friend!