Topsflo Beer Pump Material Warning!

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Topsflo Beer Pump Material Warning!

Topsflo TD5 also known as Wort Hog or Steelhead 2.0

Watch this video and hear about some other home brew beer pumps that are out there. This is what every home brewer should be aware of before they make a purchase or start a batch of home brew. This is a copy that is made in China and the 1st thing we noticed is the O_Ring. Its a Buna or EPDM material that is really unknown. The biggest concern is the impeller. Bacteria and contamination is one of the biggest concerns out there and we want you to know this.

If you rub your finger against the impeller you will see that there is a black substance that will get into your brew. There is foreign material that is working its way into your brew. The impeller magnet is also a big concern.

We understand the excitement about a 24 or 12 Volt version of a home brew pump but we want to focus on safety. Watch for yourself and make an informed decision.