How to Repair a Seized Chugger Pump Impeller

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How to Repair a Seized Chugger Pump Impeller

Run Dry Situation

We receive calls with questions on How to Repair a Seized Chugger Pump Impeller when the pump has been Run Dry. The impeller can also seize from air bubbles in boiling water or from sticky wort. Don’t worry… This is easily repairable. You can also identify if you had a run dry situation if the impeller sticks or does not spin completely free. If there is an instance where this repair does not get fixed then visit, we offer repair kits (CP-RPK).  Follow the instructions in this video and outlined below and you will be back in business in 5 minutes.

How To Fix

  • Remove the Chugger Pump Head – 4 Screws
  • Remove the backplate from the back of the Head  – 4 Screws
  • Remove the Impeller (CP-25)
  • With an Electric Drill and a 17/64″ Drill Bit (We recommend you wear a glove)
    • Drill on High Speed
    • Firmly hold the Impeller
    • Ream out the center Impeller Channel by running the drill bit through a few times.
  • Place the impeller back on the impeller shaft and test by spinning the impeller.
  • Should spin completely free.
  • Make sure the O-Ring is in place and reassemble the Head.
  • Reattach the Head to the Motor Bracket.
Remember, Never Run You Chugger Pump Dry!

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