TRI-XCPSS-IN-1 (115v)

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The CHUGGER PUMP® TRI-XCPSS-IN-1 Tri Clover X-Dry Model with 1 1/2″ Molded Tri-Clamp Fittings & Run Dry Protection, Stainless Steel Inline Inlet model 115V is a homebrew beer pump which is typically used to transfer hot and or cold liquids between brewing vessels. Same pump as the CPSS-IN-1 but with FDA Approved Run Dry Carbon Bearing Material. Tri-Clover Connections.

Tri Clover Datasheet & Curve

TRI-XCPSS-IN Dimensions & Exploded View


TRI-XCPSS-IN-1 Tri-Clover

CHUGGER X-DRY TRI-XCPSS-IN-1 Tri-Clover with “Run Dry Protection”

TRI-XCPSS-IN-1 Chugger TRI-CLOVER (X-Dry Series), SS INLINE INLET Brew Pump with Molded (Not Welded) 1 1/2″ Tri Clamp Connections. Standard 115 Volt Motor. 1/20 Horsepower. 316 Stainless Steel Housings. Standard X-Dry Impeller with Non-Replaceable – M100 Bearing, Ceramic Washers, Silicon O-Ring, 55″ Cord with Plug.

1 1/2″ Molded Tri-Clamp Connections

Tri-Clover fittings are the perfect way to bring sanitary connections, found in commercial brewing applications, to your home brew setup. Wineries and Breweries use tri clamps to provide a sanitary connections between tubing and pipes.

Same pump as the CPSS-IN-1 but with FDA Approved Run Dry Carbon Bearing Material.

  • Run Dry Carbon Bearing
  • Max Flow: 7 GPM 26.5 LPM
  • Max Head: 18.6 FT 4.1 M
  • Power: 1/20 HP (.04 HP) .029 KW
  • Electrical: 115V 50/60HZ
  • Non-Submersible
  • Pump & Motor: 1.4 Amps
  • Can handle liquids of 250° F
  • Materials are FDA Food Compliant
  • UPC: 852575006600

Components are UL Recognized

The ETL Listed Mark indicates to distributors, retailers and customers that your product has been tested by Intertek and found in compliance with accepted national standards. Click Here for more information.

Chugger X-Dry’s

Additional information

Attribute Information
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 5.25 x 4 in



Tri Clover

Max Flow


Max Head

18.6 Feet


1/20 HP


115 Volt


50 / 60 Hz

Max Liquid Temperature

250° F


7 Lbs